Ithaca College Health Careers Website

For my senior thesis in college, I managed a group of my peers in order to create a resource for Ithaca College students in the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education (HPPE) deciding what to pursue for their future career paths.

Entering college at eighteen years old can be an intimidating experience, and enduring the pressure of deciding on a career path at such a young age can inhibit a student’s freedom for self-discovery and growth. My group and I wished we had a resource to help us determine what industry would suit us best with our Ithaca College degrees. Upon this self-reflection, our group created awareness of possible careers an Ithaca College student can earn with their HPPE degree through building a website for prospective and current Ithaca College students. Our website consists of honest, genuine interviews from HPPE Ithaca College alumni about their successes and obstacles post-graduation, as well as research on potential career paths.

My role in this project was to research potential careers and their prerequisites, as well as conceptualizing, designing, and managing the website. Utilizing my communication, leadership, and organizational skills, I was able to clearly verbalize my ideas, collaborate with my peers, and create a product we are all proud of.

Ithaca College Health Careers Website

Our Process and Research

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